Our High Quality Education

We provide high quality education at Bethany Day Nursery. We understand that children learn most effectively through play and by having strong positive role models. Our staff are experienced childcare professionals who provide children with a wide variety of different experiences each day to help them learn and develop so that they can reach their full potential.

Early Years Foundation Stage

We follow the statutory standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to five. This framework:

Our teaching methods ensure children have the knowledge and skills that provide the right foundations for a positive start to their life. We treat each child as an individual and plan activities according to their interests and development stage. As well as staff planning activities throughout the day, the children are also given the freedom to choose activities which are of interest to them. We provide children with learning opportunities both indoors and outdoors so that they develop in all key areas and reach their full potential. We track the progress of each child by continual assessment.

Ofsted Inspection rating: GOOD

Ofsted awarded Bethany Day Nursery a ‘good’ rating at our last review. They were very impressed by the quality of care and learning at our nursery as evidenced in their report which includes the following quotes: