Our Nursery Rooms

All our rooms are named after trees to align to our tree and stars logo and motto of ‘growing little stars’. A Room Supervisor is in charge of each room. Children move rooms when both nursery staff and parents feel comfortable that they are ready for the next stage of development.

Keyworker System

When your child joins us at Bethany Day Nursery, you will be introduced to their Keyworker who will take prime responsibility for meeting the needs of your child. The Keyworker will inform you about your child’s daily activities and the progress they are making and update you regarding your child’s routine e.g. sleep times, meals and toileting.

We document children’s progress using Daily Diaries (under 3 years) and Learning Journals (all children):

Daily Diaries and Learning Journals

Blossom Room

The staff looking after babies provide a loving and stimulating environment with lots of hugs and cuddles. We understand that babies require lots of love and reassurance when they start nursery so our staff in this room have been specially trained. The room is also specifically designed to meet the needs of babies – we have a carpeted area where they learn to crawl and walk. There is also a separate sleep area and feeding area where babies also enjoy sensory play and messy play.

We have a separate garden for our babies and younger children to use. They are able to explore the outdoor area and have access to smaller apparatus such as slides and climbing frames to encourage their physical development.

Daily walks (weather permitting) with lots of fresh air and the use of our outdoor soft play area are just some of the activities that are planned each day.

Cherry Room

We know that toddlers love to explore and are constantly curious about their environment. In this room, they will enjoy free play, messy play as well as structured play. Staff encourage children to develop their social skills, increase their independence and help them to make choices. Staff in this room understand that the toddler stage can be challenging for children so they lovingly reassure them as they try out new skills and develop their interest and curiosity.

The children will have a range of different experiences each day including sand and water play, baking, painting, soft play, ‘home corner’, story time and singing sessions. As part of the daily routine, children play in our large garden and are also regularly taken on walks.

Willow Room

As your child grows, they will begin to develop their language and cognitive abilities. Staff in this room encourage the development of communication and mathematical skills such as recognising primary colours, counting and shapes. Children at this age are gently introduced to more structured forms of learning through play. Social interaction is an important part of development within this age where children start making friends and enjoy imaginative play with their peers.

The children learn through different activities including baking, messy play, water play, building and painting, story time, singing, role play and dressing up. As the Willow room is located in the garden, the doors are regularly opened so that children can enjoy free play both indoors and outdoors in our extensive garden. The children are also regularly taken on walks to the park, library, woods and local farm.

Oak Room

In the Oak room, the children are provided with a range of exciting and stimulating experiences both indoors and outdoors to improve their skills and stretch their imagination. The staff in this room ensure that they lay a solid foundation for the children to move on to primary school, as confident and independent children.

We follow the same Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum as school nurseries, but have a smaller class size which enables our staff to give each child more attention. Our experienced and highly qualified staff ensure that teaching is delivered effectively in a way that engages the children, challenges them and makes them excited to learn. In this room children will gain an understanding of phonics which will lead to letter recognition and letter formations. Staff make learning fun for the children so it is easier for them to achieve the next stage of their development.

The children have a variety of structured and free play to ensure that we optimise their learning styles. Children are actively involved in planning activities so they feel that they have a sense of ownership of what they are learning. They learn through play both indoors and outdoors in the garden e.g. by playing in the ‘mud kitchen’, driving toy tractors and cars, ‘show and tell’ where they bring something from home and tell the other children about it such as a family holiday photo. The children also do role playing and dressing up. You will also hear of your child’s adventures when they tell you about their outings to the local farm, woods, museums, art galleries, the library and garden centre.

Large Garden and Soft Play Area

We have a beautiful, large and secure garden for all the children to use on a daily basis. We also have a large Soft Play Area for the children to use in adverse weather.

A bike path takes the children on a trail around the garden. We have toy tractors, bikes, pedal cars or scooters for them to ride. Staff place roads signs along the path for them to follow so that they can learn about road safety while they play.

There is a story corner area at the bottom of the garden for children to listen to stories and look at books. We also have a picnic area with benches for the children to enjoy.

We have a ‘mud-kitchen’ where children can get messy while learning to ‘cook’ and in the spring, the children grow their own vegetables, which they can eat when they are ready.